17 Examples of Comment to Win Contests That Will Inspire Your Next Giveaway

#1. Raww Cosmetics

Instagram viral giveaway post from Raww cosmetics giveaway products and natural fruits

Raww Cosmetics Contest – Image Source

In this comment to win contest from Raww Cosmetics, I love the visual imagery they have used to infuse cosmetics with a healthy eating vegan lifestyle. To run the contest, they partnered with vegan influencer Cherie Tu to raise awareness for their superfood cosmetics range.

#2. Melody – On The Books She Will Read

Instagram viral giveaway post from oh the book she will read flowers and books with amazon gift card

Melody Contest – Image Source

Book giveaways are a popular style of contest on Instagram, especially for micro-influencers like Melody, who have built a following all about reading. What I like about this giveaway, in particular, is that she has given participants a choice of the prize they win from a selection of books. This strategy could be applied to any number of product ranges, not just books.

#3. Scratch Bakeshop

Instagram viral giveaway post from Scratch Bakeshop with colourful cake that says tag a friend, win a cake

Scratch Bakeshop Contest – Image Source

The simplicity of this giveaway from Scratch Bakeshop is what caught my attention. All people needed to do to enter was tag a friend in the comments. By encouraging people to tag friends, it’s likely to spread like wildfire. They even use the photo for this post to highlight how people can enter the contest with big, bold letters. Now, that’s eye-catching.